PLANT SCIENCE Literature, Databases and Online Learning

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Online Scientific Literature Resources

Agricola -- A major searchable publication database in agricultural and related sciences

AGRIS/CARIS – Agriculture Publications Database (at the FAO)

Biosis – (Requires subscription)

CABI Publishing Reading Room – Many relevant books are available for reading online, courtesy of the publisher.

MedLine -- A leading biological and medical publications database

Scirus – Search engine for scientific links and documents

The Worlds Electronic Journals

Uncover/Ingenta Database – A current literature awareness tool and reprint service


Plant Science Databases and General Links

Agriculture online -- Where farmers and professionals meet

Arabidopsis Information Resource

Back to Basics – A premier soil fertility information resource

BioHunt – Biology Search engine

Biology Databases collection-- From MedNets; very comprehensive

Biology Reference Desk

BioOnline -- A major web site for the life sciences

Botany Internet Directory  

Botanical Data Overview – A UC Berkeley Digital Library Project

Botanical Dermatology Database -- A family-by-family description of plants and the key chemicals that they produce

Botanical Dictionary Mainly for the gardener, with ample botanical data.

Delphion Intellectual Property Net-- Includes plant and biotechnology patents

EcoCrop – A system (at FAO) to identify a suitable crop for a specified environment; educational and helpful.

Ecotox – A database that includes effects of toxic substances on plants (EPA)

FAOSTAT -- Statistical database on global food and agriculture at the FAO

Forest Genetic Resources Database – ‘REFORGEN” at FAO.

Glossaries and Dictionaries on Line  -- Plant science, botany and biotechnology

GrainGenes -- The small grains and sugar cane database

HerbMed – Database on plants containing medicinal properties.

Horticulture Database – From the Royal Horticultural Society UK

Molecular Structures Made Visible – Visualization of metabolic pathways and molecular structure

Mycorrhiza – Main information exchange for this important symbiosis.

National Biological Information Infrastructure/Botany – A useful portal for plant and crop science

NCBI Taxonomy Database -- For Arabidopsis thaliana and rice genome databases

Pharmacology Databases

Photosynthesis on the Web - A well received portal by Larry Orr and Govindjee.

Plant Biology Index – Comprehensive alphabetical index of plant biology topics.

Plant Breeding Updates – A rare site dealing with plant breeding, including a dictionary of terms and more.

PlantFacts – a database to obtain plant information from 40 Universities in the USA

Plant Genome Data and Information Center – USDA, ARS, NAL

Plant Link Library – Links to many plant-related web sites, at Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Plant Pathology Internet Guidebook -- By Thorsten Kraska, The University of Hanover, Germany

Plant Management Network – Will answer your questions – by subscription

Plants Database – Enter a plant name and receive a volume of information, from the USDA

Scott’s Botanical Links – an excellent and updated resource organized by subject and searchable

The Botany Site -- A comprehensive gateway at

US National Agricultural Library  -- More than just a library

Vegetation Distribution maps – Online.

Virtual Library of Botany -- A world of links

World Water Links – A comprehensive collection of links pertaining to water


Plant Taxonomy and related resources

Flowering Plant Gateway – Four systems of flowering plant classification

GrainTax -- Taxonomy of wheat and associated species (including a historical perspective).

GRIN Taxonomy – A more recently offered taxonomy module of the GRIN database; very comprehensive and easy to query.

Grass Genera of the world

Harvard University Herbarium

Interactive plant classification (family) system

ITIS -- Integrated taxonomy information system, including extensive download options

Multilingual Plant Names database – For the non-botanically minded

The Families of Flowering Plants – by L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


Metabolism and Biochemistry

Biochemical and Metabolical Pathways – A searchable index, and more.

Metabolic and Regulatory Pathways, Kyoto, Japan

Links to other Metabolism Databases


Learning and Tutorials

Also, check Methods and Protocols section on this page.

Distance Learning Resource Network – A major resource for courses; teaching and learning online (all subjects).

Internet biology and botany learning – An index of available tutorial and educational sites in biology and botany.


General Agriculture and Agronomy

Agripaedia-- Agricultural encyclopedia by The University of Kentucky.

Agronomy publications -- From Purdue University

Agronomy publications-- From Colorado State University

Agronomy Guides -- From Ohio State University

Agronomy Guides -- From The University of Nebraska

On Global Climate Change -- Extensive briefing



Biocomputing -- The application of computers in biological research. By Georg Fuellen, et. al., University of Bielefeld (Germany).

Biodiversity and Conservation  -- A hypertext book

Biology Hypertext Book – An extensive hypertext book from MIT.

Biophysics – Very detailed textbook online

Fundamental Units of Life – A tutorial on cellular and sub cellular structures and functions.

The biology project -- A biology tutorial from the University of Arizona


Biotechnology/Genetics/Evolution (see also ‘Biotech Issues’ on the left panel)

Discussions in cytogenetics -- The classics, by Charles R. Burnham (1962);

Evolution of Crop Plants-- By Paul Gepts, UC, Davis with online images and lecture notes

Heredity and DNA -- A multimedia tutorial.

Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers – can be slow at times

Introduction to Genetic Analysis – Textbook online

Molecular Biology Notebook -- Online courses in molecular biology

Protocols For Recombinant DNA Isolation, Cloning, And Sequencing – A complete hypertext manual

Transgenic Crops – An educational site for learning all about transgenic plants



Botany Online -- A hypertext book in botany from the University of Hamburg; a huge resource.

Kimball Plant Biology links – Links on Prof. Kimball’ biology pages.

Mycorrhiza – The symbiotic associations that form between the roots of most plant species and fungi.

Photographic Atlas of Plant Anatomy -- Covering an impressive range of 53 topics in plant anatomy

Phytochemical Resources on the web -- Secondary plant metabolism

Plant Education for Kids – A main resource on plants in agriculture, for children

Plants-In-Motion - Time-lapse, QuickTime movies of plant growth & development - from Indiana Univ.

Science and plants – Pre-college level educational materials on plants


Plant (and stress) Physiology

“Responses of woody plants to flooding and salinity” by T. T. Kozlowski, a Tree Physiology Online Monograph (PDF file) - The complete resource for Abscisic acid, Abscisic Acid analogs and other related phytohormones

Chlorophyll Fluorescence – (Detailed) by Yvan Fracheboud, ETH Switzerland

Chlorophyll fluorescence – A brief primer

On proline and amino acids in stress -- From Purdue University

Photosynthesis on the Web - A well received portal by Larry Orr and Govindjee.

Plant Biology -- Tutorials and study links

Plant Hormones -- From University of Bristol

Plant Hormones and Growth Regulatory Substances -- By Ken Maas at Northern Illinois University.

The Plant Biology Book -- Extensive tutorials

The Virtual Cell


Methods and Protocols online

BIOSCI Newsgroup Network -- Ask for help


Cell Biology Laboratory Manual

Chromatography Resources

“Fast Plants” – an excellent introduction to growing and experimenting with Arabidopsis thaliana plants, from U. of Wisconsin.

MaxChelator -- Buffer and chelate software

Microscopy -- Virtual library of microscopy

Molecular Biology Procotols

Molecular Biology Techniques -- A hot list of molecular biology techniques on the web

Molecular Biology Techniques, Tips and Feedback Forum

Methods in Plant Histology – The classical book (online), still useful.

Plant Breeding Resources – Links that provide host of information on the subject

Protocols online – Your lab reference book

Soil and Plant Analysis Lab Manual – By John Ryan and George Estefan, ICARDA


Biology and Agriculture Software

Experimental designs – designing experiments in biology and agriculture; application.

Genetics and Breeding software – mostly free downloads.

G x E analysis and statistics -- from CIMMYT

Hands on Genetics -- Instructional software for basic genetics.

IRRISTAT – Statistics packages downloadable from IRRI

PlantMod --  Plant growth and plant process simulation software for teaching and research

QU-GEN -- For investigating genetic models.

SAS User Guide – Online manual for the SAS statistical analysis package.

The BioCatalog -  A software directory of general interest in molecular biology and genetics


Various Tools

All the Dictionaries You Might Need -

AltaVista Translations – Online translations

CAS – American Chemical Society Vocabulary (not only chemistry)

Glossaries and Dictionaries on Line -- For Plant science, botany and biotechnology

Links for Chemists

One-Look Dictionary

Periodic Table of Elements

The New Spiral -- A fascinating look at the periodic table of elements.

Plant Tissue Culture Information

Science Acronym Finder

Science Constants and Equations

Sunrise and Sunset calculator

Tanner's General Chemistry

Webster Hypertext Dictionary

World Climate- Essential climatic data by city/town (worldwide)

   Unit conversion

All Unit Megaconverter

Measure 4 Measure -- Links to sites for various calculations and conversions

International System of Units

The “Dutch” unit converter