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Background to EUROMOSS

FAMMOSS and EUROtarget: moss research towards the next millenium

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Dear Euromoss members and friends,

Euromoss is a part of the European Biotechnology Program of Technological Priority dedicated to plant molecular biology. The Euromoss project itself is entitled "Hormone-mediated regulation of cellular development in the moss Physcomitrella patens". Information requests about this program should be directed to Trevor Wang at the John-Innes Institute UK which acts as a co-ordinator (WANG@BBSRC.AC.UK).

This servi

ce provides the addresses of Euromoss participants and with a bibliography on moss biology.

Background to EUROMOSS

The collaborative project linking laboratories across Europe to study the molecular biology of Physcomitrella patens was conceived in March 1991 at the 'Mosses '91' meeting at Heidelberg. At that time the project was not defined but the intention to submit to the Commission affirmed. Norwich was elected to co-ordinate the project whose complete membership still had to be agreed.

A year later the Commission called for applications to their Third Framework Programme on Biotechnology. In July 1992, the current members of the moss project, now christened 'EUROMOSS', submitted a proposal for support on hormone- and light-regulated genes to the Commission. The Commission accepted the full proposal in principal but asked if it could be incorporated into the much larger programme entitled 'Advanced Molecular Initiative in Community Agriculture (AMICA)'. In the spring of last year, the independent programmes, such as EUROMOSS, joined with AMICA to form a single 'Project of Technological Priority (PTP)' on Biotechnology for the Commission to run from 1993-7. The Co-ordinators of the independent networks linked with the AMICA Board members to form the PTP Scientific Board.

The PTP, which started in November 1993, is run on the Commission's behalf by the AMICA Board and the science co-ordinated by the Scientific Board represented by Norwich for EUROMOSS according to the scheme shown in the Appendices.

FAMMOSS and EUROtarget: moss research towards the next millenium

Building on the successful collaborations constructed in EUROMOSS, a second bid was made to the Commission for work using moss as a model system in Framework IV. This programme was directed at understanding cell Fate, shoot Architecture and Morphogenesis in the MOSS, Physcomitrella patens and was co-ordinated by Enzo Russo. There were 14 participants from 8 European countries, but it was not supported by the Commission. A revised proposal, EUROtarget, a smaller proposal concentrating on gene targeting as recommended by the Commission, was submitted by Dr Ralf Reski to the next round. During the compilation of this handbook, the Commission announced the proposals that they would support for the next 3 years, but EUROtarget, although having made it to the short list, was not one of them. The main reason for not funding it was that targeting will be available in Arabidopsis in the next 2-3 years and moss, therefore, will be of minor relevance. Famous last words? We shall see. We are now (in 2001 even mor in 2002 - 2003) able to appreciate those comments.

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