Publications from the Laboratory of Plant Cell Genetics
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Liste complète des publications du laboratoire:

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Brun, F., Schaefer, D. G., Laloue, M. and Gonneau, M. 2004 "Knockout of UBP34 in Physcomitrella patens reveals the photoaffinity labeling of another closely related IPR protein". Plant Science, 167, 471-479

Christinet, L., Burdet, F. X., Zaiko, M., Hinz, U., Zrÿd, J.-P. 2004 "Characterization and Functional Identification of a Novel Plant 4,5-Extradiol Dioxygenase Involved in Betalain Pigment biosynthesis in Portulaca grandiflora" - Plant Physiol. (134), 265-274

Meiri E., Levitan A., Guo F., Christopher D. A., Schaefer D., Zrÿd J.-P. and Danon A. 2002, “Characterization of three PDI-like genes in Physcomitrella patens and construction of knock-out mutants”. Molecular and General Genomics (267), 231-240.

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Schaefer D.G (2001) "Gene targeting in Physcomitrella patens" Current Opinion in Plant Biology 4:143-150

Zrÿd J.P. (1999) "Unfriendly breed" a letter to New Scientist (23 octobre 1999)

Pierre-Alain Girod, Hongyong Fu, Jean-Pierre Zryd, and Richard D.Vierstra, (1999) "Multiubiquitin Chain Binding Subunit MCB1 (RPN10) of the 26S Proteasome Is Essential for Developmental Progression in Physcomitrella patens." The Plant Cell 11 (1999): 1457-1471 (the entire article is available as a 870 kb .pdf file ).

Hongyong Fu, Pierre-Alain Girod, Jed H. Doelling, Steven van Nocker, Mark Hochstrasser, Daniel Finley & Richard Vierstra, 1999 "Structure and Functionnal Analyses of the 26S Proteasome Subunits from Plants" Molecular Biology Reports 26: 137-146

A. H. Hofmann, A. C. Codón, C. Ivascu, V. E. A. Russo, C. Knight, D. Cove, D. G. Schaefer, M. Chakhparonian, J.-P. Zrÿd, (1999) "A specific member of the Cab multigene family can be efficiently targeted and disrupted in the moss Physcomitrella patens". Mol Gen Genet 261 (1999) 1: 92-99 (the entire article as a 300 kb .pdf file is available). Check the MGG link!

Schaefer, D. G., and J. P. Zryd, (1997) "Efficient Gene Targeting In the Moss Physcomitrella Patens." Plant Journal 11: 1195-1206.

Mueller L. A., Hinz U., Zryd J.-P, (1997) "The Formation Of Betalamic Acid and Muscaflavin By Recombinant Dopa-Dioxygenase From Amanita Muscaria." Phytochemistry 44(4): 567-569. The entire article is available (a 700 kb pdf file).

Mueller L.A., Hinz U., Uze M., Sautter C., Zryd J.-P., (1997)."Biochemical complementation of the betalain biosynthetic pathway in P.grandiflora by a fungal 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine dioxygenase." Planta 203: 260-263 The entire article is available (a 500 kb pdf file).

Hinz, U.G., Fivaz J., Girod P.-A., Zryd J.-P., (1997) "The gene coding for the DOPA dioxygenase involved in betalain biosynthesis in Amanita muscaria and its regulation." Mol Gen Genet 256: 1-6 The entire article is available (a 360 kb pdf file). You may also want to check it out in the MGG Journal .

Mueller L. A., Hinz U., Zryd J.-P., (1996). "Characterization Of a Tyrosinase From Amanita Muscaria Involved In Betalain Biosynthesis." Phytochemistry 42(6): 1511-1515.

Rossi-Hassani BD, Bennani F, Zryd JP (1995) "Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Large-Flowered Purslane (Portulaca Grandiflora H)". Genome 38: 752-756

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Girod PA, Zryd JP (1987) Clonal Variability and Light Induction of Betalain Synthesis in Red Beet Cell-Cultures. Plant Cell Reports 6: 27-30

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Zryd JP (1976) 5-Bromodeoxyuridine as an Agent in Selection of Sycamore Cell- Cultures. Plant Science Letters 6: 157-161

Zryd JP (1969) Cell Differentiation and Acid-Soluble Sulfhydryl Compounds in Root of Lens Culinaris Med. Physiologia Plantarum 22: 594-&

A complete list of publications, including congress proceedings is avalaible HERE in EndNote format

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"Organization and role of actin microfilaments during cellular growth and morphogenesis in the moss Physcomitrella patens" , Andrija Finka PhD thesis Lausanne 2005 in English, in pdf format (2600 kb)

"Characterization and Functional Identification of a Novel Plant 4,5-Extradiol Dioxygenase Involved in Betalain Pigment biosynthesis in Portulaca grandiflora" , Laurent Christinet PhD thesis Lausanne 2004 in English, in pdf format (3700 kb)

"Développement d'outils de la mutagenèse ciblée par recombinaison homologue chez Physcomitrella patens", Mikhail Chakhparonian PhD thesis, Lausanne 2001, in French, in pdf format (5800 kb).

"Colour-specific Genes from Betalain Producing Plants" , Maia Zaiko PhD thesis, Lausanne 2000, in English, in pdf format

"Le protéasome de Physcomitrella patens" - chap 1 - Christian Richard PhD thesis, Lausanne 1999. Others chapters: 2 , 3 , 4-1 & 4-2 (ca 1 + 3 Mb!) , 5 (ca 3 Mb!) , 6, 7 and 8; in French, in pdf format (150-450 kb).

"Enzymologie de la biosynthèse des bétalaïnes chez Amanita muscaria". Lukas A. Mueller , PhD thesis. Lausanne 1998.

"Molecular genetic approaches to the biology of the moss Physcomitrella patens". Didier Schaefer, PhD thesis. Lausanne, May 1994. Keywords: Physcomitrella patens, moss, transformation, gene targeting. (abstract and full version in English are available)

"Mutabilité et biosynthèse des bétalaines chez Portulaca grandiflora Hook". Badr-Din Rossi-Hassani, PhD thesis. Lausanne 1991.

"Génétique des bétalaïnes chez Portulaca grandiflora Hook." Giampiero F.Trezzini, Dipl. Sc. Nat. ETHZ, PhD thesis. Lausanne 1990. (abstract in English available only, otherwise visit UNIL archives )

"Régulation de la biosyntèse des bétalaïnes chez les cellules de Beta vulgaris L en culture". Pierre-Alain Girod, PhD thesis. Lausanne 1989.

"Croissance et métabolisme des suspensions hétérotrophes d'Acer pseudoplatanus L: effet du CO2.". Christine Vanderhoven, PhD thesis. Lausanne 1980.

"Catabolisme auxinique de cellules d'érable cultivées in vitro". François Maillard, PhD thesis. Lausanne 1976.

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Diplômes (UNIL)

"A DOPA-dioxygenase from Portulaca grandiflora involved in the synthesis of betalain pigments", Frédéric Burdet, 2003

"Effet de l'Amylose sur l'Ovalbumine en Solution Aqueuse en Mélange avec la Tricaprine et les caprate de Sodium . Une étude thermodynamique de systèmes ternaires utilisant la calorimétrie à balayage différentiel (DSC) et la dispersion statique de la lumière laser." Alexandre Gauthier-Jaques, Laboratoire de Phytogénétique Cellulaire, Université de Lausanne et Institut des Denrées Alimentaires de l?Académie des Sciences de Russie, Moscou, 1995; sous la direction du Prof. Jean-Pierre Zrÿd (partial version in english, pdf format, ca 177 kb)

"Développement d'un système biologique de surveillance de la pollution atmosphérique: études sur des populations d'Arabidopsis thaliana sous conditions contrôlées." Mikhail Chakhparonian, Laboratoire de Phytogénétique Cellulaire, Université de Lausanne 1995; sous la direction de Prof.J.-P.Zryd. (complete version in French; format .pdf, ca 500 kb)

"Etude de la variabilité clonale dans la synthèse des bétalaïnes chez les cultures de cellules de Beta vulgaris ssp." Pierre-Alain Girod, Laboratoire de Phytogénétique Cellulaire, Université de Lausanne 1985; sous la direction de Prof.J.-P. Zryd.

Autres diplômes (Université Mendéléev de Génie Chimique de Russie, Moscou)

"Influence des champs magnétiques sur le développement de la mousse Physcomitrella patens" Julia Prussacova, novembre 2000; travail effectué à l'UNIL et à l'EPFL pendant l'année 2000.


plantes, végétaux, angiospermes, bryophytes, champignons, ascomycètes, génétique moléculaire, cultures de cellules, bioréacteurs, analyse d'image, transformation génétique, ciblage de gènes, photobiologie, pigments, bétalaïnes, ubiquitine, protéasome, pollution atmosphérique

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